Where there’s petrol, there’s fire

It’s not immediately apparent, but if you look carefully it can be seen that the ‘fire rotation thing’ in these pics we took is right smack in the middle of a diesel storage facility…..well a little to the left of smack in the middle, bit kind of close. I’d loosely group these sorts of images in a ‘contrasts’ category of pictures.

But that’s not the real purpose of this visual exercise….

I like contrast, and aside from the visual impact of such an image, I wanted to litmus test what would happen if I ‘lit a fire’ in the (sort of) middle of a fuel depot. Would security arrive? We hadn’t actually broken through any fences, or performed anything illegal as such, and there wasn’t any real danger. But I like challenging my own private notion of ‘an over regulated country’, where some uniform somehow appears right when one’s at the apogee of fun and adventure. The fire trail was clearly visible from the main road. Security cameras recorded our arrival (remember we hadn’t actually broken any laws or trespassed per se). I’m pleased to report that my feelings of said ‘over-regulation’ is slowly diminishing, and I’m warming to the feeling of fear-free-photography. This is the real reward of such an exercise.


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