The stormy shallows at sunset

Hmmm, thousands of misspent dollars of photographic gear, a crappy trolley, some bungee straps, a beautiful model and lots of sticky sulphurous mud made for a pleasant evening at the old oyster farm. Sadly a vicious storm prevented us from taking the necessary time to enjoy the place to its fullest….for example the thousands, no; hundreds of thousands of blue soldier crabs that seemed almost curious about their bipedal overlords doing silly things with light boxes. But there’s always a next time if, that is, we’d risk the mud, sand, and salt that can turn a nice bit of gear into something nasty very quickly…..

Wee bit contemplative: what drew us to the location was, well… the location. Also a desire to show something pretty in a place where prettiness doesn’t usually belong. That’s one of my minor inspirations for shooting, to show contrasts, sometimes even quite pronounced contrasts. The model was quite exploratory which suited the feel I was looking for. Shallows remind me of my favourite  times as a child; being left to explore rock pools away from the blabbering adults. The hermit crabs, squishy squirmy things are a glorious delight for children, and exploratory people. Perhaps if we didn’t have the pressure of an impending storm I would have loved to focus a bit more on ground level where all the delights are. Sometimes we learn more about story telling by realising what we missed telling!

Wee bit technical: I was a bit surprised at how underexposed the outcome was, almost a bit perplexed. Personally I don’t like to fix exposure too much in post, my camera although sensitive, is quite prone to blowing out highlights. It’s a downside of a limited dynamic range sensor (though it does force one to think about these things, consequently and hopefully become a better photographer). I’m not sure if it was the feeling of overcast weather or some technical trick (like forgetting to rely on the histogram under changing lighting conditions), but the result was a bit darker and more sinister than planned. There was a storm however, a killer that dumped half an oceans worth of water in a few minutes. So it kind of fits.


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