Under the Bridges

Sir Leo Hielscher lived for the sole purpose of having lovely models photographed under his bridges. We just missed the Sun Princess as she steamed under the bridge. I kicking the sand for having missed a big ship, and waited for the sunset to used a 43-inch shoot-through umbrella to create another lovely rendition of my favourite model. A second speedlight was used from the rear left as a rim-light, and a third provided much-needed fill on the grass in the ‘foreground’.

The two bridges are so high and expansive, I found that a 14mm lens was a lot more pleasing than 35mm, though as I often find with this focal length, several shots distorted the models face. 14mm (on full-frame) is challenging to use just for that fact that it distorts so much in the edges of the frame. As a developing photographer, the hardest lesson I learnt was that people don’t like having their body parts (or wholes) distorted. What looks novel and artistic to the photographer can look disturbing to the subject! So the lesson with ultra wide is; distort objects not people so place models close to the centre if they’re close, and point body bits inward. Then just enjoy the lovely results your models give.


2 thoughts on “Under the Bridges

  1. Danny Price says:

    Wow the lighting in that picture is spot on!


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